Child Savings Account

What is Cass Kickstart …

  • Cass Kickstart is a program designed to assist with post-secondary education expenses.
  • The program begins with incoming Kindergarten students and focuses on helping students make post-secondary education / career plans by increasing financial capability and education expectations throughout their years at Cassopolis Public Schools.
  • Each participating child will have an interest bearing child savings account (CSA) opened for them with an initial deposit of $25.
  • Students and families will be encouraged to make deposits. And with the help of private donations, there will be additional deposits and incentives.
  • Funds can then be used for post-secondary education costs.

To the Student …

  • Congratulations! As an incoming Kindergarten student at Cassopolis Public Schools, Cass Kickstart has opened an interest bearing account in your name with an initial deposit of $25.
  • The account is a savings account that will help you save for your education after high school.
  • You will be allowed to deposit into your account whenever you choose.
  • Additional financial incentives may be awarded when you meet achievement or attendance goals.
  • The earlier you start saving, the more your savings will grow.

To the Families …

  • The community has made a commitment to partner with you and your child to invest in their future.
  • Research shows that children with CSA’s are four times more likely to pursue post-secondary education.
  • There is no limit to the amount you and other family members or friends may deposit into your child’s CSA account.
  • Upon graduation from high school, students may withdraw their savings and apply it toward their post-secondary education costs.
  • Your child’s CSA will help to relieve the stress of future financial needs.
  • Increased financial literacy means greater family stability.
  • Program Rules and FAQ’s can be viewed: 
  • Plan for your child’s future!
  • If you need to opt out of this program please fill out the opt out form here:
  • If you move please fill out the change of address form here:
    Change of Address
  • If you leave the school district please fill out the leaving the school district form here:
    Leaving the school district

Our Partners …


Become a Supporter …

Cass Kickstart depends upon private donations to fund and maintain approximately sixty new child savings accounts (CSA’s) each incoming school year.

CSA programs focus on helping children make post-secondary

education/career plans by increasing financial capability and educational expectations.

By investing in our children, we are investing in our community…

Donations are tax deductible and can be made to Michigan Gateway Community Foundation, 111 Days Avenue, Buchanan, MI 49107. Memo line should state “Cass Kickstart”

Steering Committee

Ruth Andrews, Torie Conner, Rob Habicht, Becky Moore, Felomina Patton, Carmen Peake,  Jim Ward, Donna Warren, Margie Yarger