The Community Foundation is privileged to administer scholarship funds on behalf of the communities we serve.

The Community Foundation accepts Scholarship Funds that are able to accomplish three goals:

  1. To qualify as a charitable activity so as not to jeopardize the tax-exempt status of the Community Foundation;
  2. To provide donors to scholarship funds with an income tax deduction; and
  3. To provided income to scholarship recipients that is non-taxable.

An application is available for students nearing graduation in our area schools. To be eligible for a Michigan Gateway Community Foundation Scholarship, applicants must use the Online application form.

Funding Your Education Information

Funding Your Education will give you more information on how to plan for and finance your college education.

Walter E. Shirmer Memorial Scholarship :

Lucille Arbanas

Unity Hospital Education Scholarship :

Lucille Arbanas

Abigail Hickok

Jade Smith

 Kolleen Bromley

Tayona Newbern

Hannah Vergon

Eugene Smith Scholarship :

Halee Tittle

Harriet J. Schwartz Scholarship :

Patrick Kean

Ellis Family Memorial Scholarship :

Catherine Lietz

Mary Ella Powell Memorial Scholarship :

Kelsey Ropp

Kolleen Bromley

Barbara Walkden Scholarship :

Kelsey Ropp

Tayona Newbern

Robert J. Rotzien Scholarship :

Nora Kaltenbach

Roma Holmes Scholarship :

Kadin Mills

Hike for Higher Education Scholarship :

  Brighton Lee

Buchanan-Galien Lions Club Scholarship :

Lucille Arbanas

Abigail Hickok

Jade Smith

Lauren Hogue

Trull Family Scholarship :

Aidan Kile

Ray Ricordati Jr. Memorial Scholarship (LMC) :

No applicants

Janet Funk Racht Memorial Scholarship :

Camden Lorance

Janet L. Mottl Memorial Scholarship :

Anna Tobler

Galien Ambulance Scholarship :

Tyler Klopfenstein

Ray E. Babcock Memorial Scholarship :

Brooke Clanton

Ida Hacking Memorial Scholarship :

Robert Fay BHS Class of 2018

George and Margaret Contois Scholarship :

 Thomas Nate

Jeanne Griffin Memorial Scholarship :

Aubrey Allen

Stephen Tyler Memorial Scholarship :

 Thomas Nate

 Kaylee Thompson

Niles Historical Scholarship (Combined: Baxter Memorial Scholarship, O. W. Coolidge Scholarship, Sarley Family Scholarship Combined, Mary Swan Scholarship) :

Edgar Aquirre Morales

Skyler Brawley

Nikola Nate

Terrill Alan Powell Music Eduation Fund Scholarship :

No applicants

Carol Thurston Scholarship :

Megan Schmidt

Jay and Cecile McCombs Scholarship :

Brock Prenkert

Ralph & Margaret Vosburgh Family Scholarship :

 Ty Mickiewicz

Class of 1973 Alumni Scholarship :   

Jacob Crew

Ann Coulston Memorial Scholarship :

Krishna Devdhara

Class of 1967 Memorial Scholarship :

Alysa Marlin

Jane Davis Health Careers Scholarship :

Lucille Arbanas (Buchanan)

 Abigail Hickok (Buchanan)

Fay Frazee Nursing Scholarship :

Abigail Hickok (Buchanan)

Niles-Buchanan Rotary Scholarship :       

Lucille Arbanas (Buchanan)

Cass School Fndtn Scholarship Non-Endowed :

Katelyn Waldschmidt

Gage Collins

Jonathon Leach

Caryl Beck-Miller Pets Alive Scholarship :

No applicants

Marabeth Wright Mem. Scholarship Non-Endowed :

Matthew Anderson

Joseph Norton Sheteron Memorial Scholarship :

Zachary Strycker

Lee F. Auble Memorial Scholarship :

Nicklas Nelson

Lloyd Bywaters Mem. Scholarship Non-Endowed :

Dillion Hursh

Helen and Dale Cropsey Educational :

Elisha Owens

Semper Fi Scholarship Non-Endowed :

Alex Mendoza-Aquilera

Counseling Assoc of SW MI Non-Endowed 2020 :

No applicants